Eat Drink And Be Merry In Miami

Miami is known for many things. It has appeared in numerous Hollywood blockbusters and has been the setting for some of televisions most iconic shows, including the famous ‘Miami Vice.’ It is also one of America’s favorite vacation destinations where the lures of sun. sand and sea allow people to simply recharge tired batteries.

However, no one who visits Miami could possibly ignore the twin lures of some of the best restaurants in not only Florida – but in some cases in the United States and some of the best pubs in the land.

So if you are planning to take a trip to Miami – and you should, which restaurants and watering holes should you be prioritizing?

If you want to enjoy some of the most innovative and delicious food in the U.S. then try your best to book a table at KYU. But, be warned – it will not be easy. this restaurant was nominated for a James Beard Award – and that’s no mean feat. Situated in warehouse like surroundings the eatery combines Asian classics with barbecue concepts – and it’s a match made in heaven. Try the crispy pork belly and crab buns. And don’t ignore the innovative cocktail menu.

Next in line as far as exciting culinary adventures are concerned is the Stubborn Seed. Here renowned chef Jeremy Ford has embarked on his first solo effort and the absolute attention to detail shown with every item on the menu shows that it has been a labor of love. For those who really want to explore this fantastic cuisine the 8 course tasting menu is the way to go. The bar is also an absolute delight – and some of the creations are both innovative and fun – try the Silver Dollar old fashioned and you’ll be able to build your own DIY cocktail.

If you have a hankering for Asian then the place to sit back and savor an orchestra of flavors is Zuma. Set on the riverside this restaurant is redefining traditional Japanese cuisine but even with new and fresh treatments the Asian influence is clear. The sea bass sashimi with yuzu will reward the most refined palette while the Tiger Prawns are a simple joy to behold and consume. Brunch on the weekend is great value with bottom less champagne a great buffet.

If you are in Miami don’t forget to take your taste buds on a guided tour of some of the excellent eateries in this vibrant city.